Sometimes life is just way too stressful. When this happens it is not uncommon that you are going to feel overwhelmed, nervous, distracted, irritable, tired or impatient. It's almost as if  you experience a "short" in your wiring just like an overloaded electrical system. When this happens and you are having difficulty recovering, you might want to come and see me for a few sessions to we can get you back on track. We will get down to business and do some problem solving so that you can learn to develop better coping skills and to better manage your life stressors.  

Sometimes the ways in which people handle stress may indicate the presence of clinical anxiety. Clinical anxiety may be a consideration if you are troubled by some of the following symptoms: obsessive,worrisome and irrational thoughts; a constant feeling of doom or dread; panic attacks; irrational fears (for example fears of going out in public; fear of driving); r
eliving of past traumatic experiences. The only way we'll know for sure if you have clinical anxiety is after we do a mental health assessment. Don't worry: this assessment is just a series of questions I ask you during the first one or two sessions we have. Anxiety is more common than you can imagine. There's every reason to expect you will be able to get relief from your symptoms.

We will work hard together to help you achieve more healthy functioning. First, we will dig down and explore the roots of your symptoms. You will learn approaches and techniques to help you become more aware of how your anxiety symptoms start, and how to calm them down once they are on the rise. You will learn and will work through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which will help you to understand how you can change irrational or worrisome thoughts and feelings so that your responses to trigger situations improve! We might also employ EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to further help you "clear out" unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviors. EMDR works really well in healing individuals who have been traumatized or who "know" they are okay in their head but can't seem to "feel" like they are ok. To find out more about this treatment method click here

If you are like many of my clients, you'll want to learn how to integrate your Christian foundations into therapy. If this is the case I will help you to integrate everything you are learning in therapy into a model that puts your Christian faith in action.