“I felt comfortable and safe”

There are three key people in my life that really helped me become more self-aware and better equipped for not only my relationships, but how I carry myself in all that I do on a daily basis;  Liz is one of those people.  When I came to her I was in the midst of a separation and divorce and really had no idea who I was, what I needed to change about myself, or that I needed to change anything at all!  In a delicate and graceful way,  Liz helped guide me not only through that time in my life, but she has also been there for the challenges and victories that have come my way since then.  My past experiences with this type of counseling didn’t have the effect I had hoped for.  With  Liz it was different.  I felt comfortable and safe and I am very thankful to have her to talk to.  I now view her work and this type of interaction much differently and I look at meeting with  Liz as a healthy part of my life, just like I would going to the doctor or meeting with a financial advisor. 

- C.A.


"God has used Liz to bring healing and victory into my life!I "

 I have suffered painful memories that has caused shame, guilt and regret most of my life. Even after years of counseling, prayer, reading self-help books and doing everything I knew to do, I still could not gain victory over these thoughts.  It was affecting my marriage as I was triggered by statements that my husband would make. It caused me to be overly sensitive and unable to forgive myself for my mistakes.
Liz worked with me for a period of eight weeks doing EMDR therapy. There was a major breakthrough! I have continued to walk in freedom from those memories! I can remember the events but the pain is gone! Liz brings such a peaceful, accepting  and gentle spirit into the process. God has used Liz to bring healing and victory into my life!I


"She helped me on my journey of healing and self discovery in so many ways."

Liz was literally one of the most important people in my life for years. She helped me on my journey of healing and self discovery in so many ways. I love her friendly, warm, direct and Christ centered (when desired) approach to Therapy. Liz’s work with EMDR was also healing and important in my life. I sent many friends to her and they all agreed that she is a true gift. I wish I could meet with her everyday!


My Personal Background: I am originally from the Northeast have lived in Raleigh for the past 20years.  I have been married for over 30 years and have two young-adult children. My husband and I are very active in marriage mentoring, both within or church and in the community.

My Professional Background I hold an M.B.A. from the Thunderbird School of International Management and used to be a Sales/Marketing Executive and an Executive Search Consultant serving corporate America. I hold a Masters in Counseling from Liberty University, and have been a Counselor since 2006. I have had my private practice since 2009. Because my faith is such an integral part in how I approach counseling, I also am a Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor. My work as a counselor involves integrating best clinical practices along with foundational Christian principals.  I am also an Approved EMDR Consultant.

My Style of Counseling  You will find that I am very direct and to the point. While I am a good listener and am very compassionate and non-judgmental, my clients appreciate that I provide guidance, suggestions and feedback. It's just who I am. You will also find that I am very goal oriented - maybe it's my corporate background - but when you work with me we WILL be looking to formulate and achieve your goals!